Locally made dumplings

We are here to solve your lunch and dinner dilemmas by providing you with various options of the most flavorful dumplings you've ever tasted! Your only job is to boil them when you are ready for a feast!

About us

We are a family-run San Francisco based restaurant serving Ukrainian food with a modern twist. Growing up with delicious meals cooked daily by our mothers and grandmas inspired the menu of Leleka

In our restaurant you can enjoy your favorite food in the comfortable indoor and outdoor setting. Here you can choose from 13 flavors of dumplings, beef meatballs, as well as variety of pies, soups, salads and desserts.

For those of you, who are looking to simply enjoy our products at home and share them with your friends and loved ones, we offer a food delivery service in the Bay Area. Stocking up on your favorite meals has never been easier!